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About GSSI

About GSSI

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Company Vision

GSSI is an internationally respected corporation known for our technological advancements in the geophysical, archaeological, forensics, infrastructure, public works and transportation industries. We serve our clients with technical expertise, unsurpassed customer support and training facilities, and superior products.

At GSSI, we pride ourselves in providing an atmosphere where our people can be successful. Our greatest strength is our staff, who are highly qualified in all areas of our work. By streamlining our processes and allowing an environment where our organization may flourish, we are able to offer exceptional service and products to our customers.

Our Markets

GSSI products are distributed through a series of application specialists and representatives worldwide to five primary markets-concrete inspection, utility mapping and locating, road and bridge deck evaluation, geophysics and archaeology. We also serve many specialty markets including tree assessment, golf course management, environmental assessment and ice and snow investigation, to name a few.

Company History

  • 1970 - Founded by two EG&G engineers, and later that year, became incorporated
  • 1971 - First commercial GPR system, designed for use in conjunction with a van. GSSI originally was a service provider of GPR surveys, thus our name Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. Later, the company decided to venture into the manufacture and distribution of GPR products rather than the service itself.
  • 1974 - First portable GPR instrument sold
  • 1976 - SIR 7: GPR with graphic and tape recorder peripherals, which allowed for real-time data processing
  • 1982 - SIR 4R: Created for the nuclear power plant industry to find rebar in plants under construction
  • 1988 - OYO Corporation became the parent company of GSSI
  • 1990 - SIR 10: First digital-controlled GPR with four multiplexed channels
  • 1994 - SIR 2: First commercially available man-portable GPR system
  • 1998 - SIR 2M: World’s only intrinsically safe mining system
  • 1999 - Pathfinder: Complete system with six-element 400 MHz antennas for 3D pipe finding
  • 2000 - StructureScan: First GPR system dedicated to concrete scanning
  • 2001 - SIR 20: Dual channel high-speed GPR control unit
  • 2002 - SIR 3000: Man-portable GPR control unit, most successful control unit for GSSI to date
  • 2002 - UtilityScan: First man-portable GPR system specifically designed for utility locating and mapping
  • 2002 - Terravision: First 14-channel array system with real-time 3D imaging
  • 2006 - Profiler: Electromagnetic profiler, multi-frequency EM tool designed for heat stability and low noise
  • 2009 - StructureScan Mini: All-in-one handheld GPR system
  • 2011 - SIR 30: High-performance multi-channel radar control unit
  • 2012 - StructureScan Mini HR: All-in-one handheld high-resolution GPR system
  • 2012 - UtilityScan DF: Digital, dual-frequency system designed for utility locating and mapping

High Profile Jobs

Every now and then, GSSI is called upon for special projects. Here, we share with you just a few moments in our history that we’re proud of;

  • 1988 - GSSI surveyed the west terrace of the White House for foundation durability since all records were destroyed when the British burned the building in 1812.
  • 1988 - SIR 3 was used to locate the lost Tomcat flights of 1942, which were 250 feet below an ice cap in Greenland.
  • 1991 - NASA has used GSSI equipment to ensure that fissures do not exist under the shuttle landing  pad, since they create extremely unsafe landing conditions.
  • 1997 - GSSI equipment was used to help unearth the preserved Jarkov Mammoth in Siberia.
  • 2000 - Patagonia Dino, one of the largest dinosaurs ever found, was located with the help of GSSI’s equipment.
  • 2004 - A time capsule  was found with StructureScan in Brooklyn Public Library, which was placed there by Andrew Carnegie in 1903. And speaking of time capsules,
  • 2005 -  the capsule of King Kamahameha was also found in a Honolulu landmark dating to 1872.

GSSI Executive Team

Chris Hawekotte, President GSSI

Chris Hawekotte, President

EJ Ponto, Vice President, Finance and Administration GSSI

Edward J. (EJ) Ponto, Vice President
Finance and Administration

David Cist, Vice President, Research & Development, GSSI

David Cist, Vice President
Research and Development

Paul Fowler, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, GSSI

Paul Fowler, Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Jack O'Leary, Vice President, Operations, GSSI

Jack O'Leary, Vice President


OYO affiliate companies all specialize in various aspects of geophysical engineering and subsurface exploration. It's likely that you could use complimentary products or services from each of our companies on one project!


OYO Corporation Head Office
2-6 Kudan-kita 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3234.0811 | Fax: +81 3 3263.6854

OYO Instruments Business Headquarters
243 Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba Ibaraki 305-0841, Japan
Tel: +81 298515078 | Fax: +81 298517290

OYO Corporation

Seismographs, Magnetometers and Resistivity Instruments
2190 Fortune Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 408.954.0522 | Fax: +1 408.954.0902
Kinemetrics, Inc.
Seismometers, Data Acquisition Systems and Seismic Observation Systems
222 Vista Avenue, Pasadena CA 91107 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 626.795.2220 | Fax: +1 626.795.0868
Robertson Geologging Limited (RG)
Borehole Logging Systems
Deganwy, Conwy, LL31 9PX, U.K.
Tel: +44 149.258.2323 | Fax: +44 149.258.2322
Robertson Geologging

IRIS Instruments, Sas. (Affiliate)
Resistivity Measurement System
1 avenue Buffon BP 16007-45060 Orleans Cedex 2, France
Tel: +33 238638100 | F: +33 238638182

IRIS Instruments

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