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Military and Security Applications of GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar for Military and Security

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  • Tunnel Detection
  • Search and Rescue

GSSI at the Forefront of Protection Technology

Military, security personnel and border patrols use ground penetrating radar in various configurations to detect unexploded ordnance, to locate the presence of tunnels or detect movement near exterior walls or in buildings. This technology is key to helping protect borders and aid military operations in helping secure areas.

Locate and Trace Tunnels using Ground Penetrating Radar

Border patrol, security and law enforcement professionals use ground penetrating radar to locate and trace tunnels concealed in secure areas. Depending on soil conditions and tunnel diameter, GPR will detect the depth and path of tunnels buried deep below the surface.

Hand-dug tunnel in close proximity of a large pipe located along the southern US border. Data collected with a SIR 3000 and a 200 MHz antenna.

GPR survey to locate hidden tunnel

LifeLocator® III+ - Sensing Life In Motion

The LifeLocator® is internationally accepted as the standard in rescue and recovery when disasters like earthquakes, floods, explosions or similar occurrences result in victims trapped under debris piles, both natural and man-made debris as a result of structural collapses.


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GPR survey to locate victims buried in debris
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