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Mining applications using GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar in Mining

  • Overview
  • Mine Safety
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Salt Mining

Ground Penetrating Radar in Mining

Mining professionals rely on GSSI ground penetrating radar to aid in determining mining safety, establishing bedrock depth, mapping sand and gravel deposits, ascertain rock quality, in addition to mineral exploration.

Ground Penetrating Radar to Determine Mine Safety

Mining professionals use ground penetrating radar to accurately locate underground structures before drilling, blasting or carrying face operations. Ground penetrating radar is instrumental in helping to identify overhead separations in order to prevent ceiling collapses. In deep mine applications, ground penetrating radar is invaluable for identifying geologic features that may be potential areas for rock bursts, such as fractures, shear zones and faults.

An underground mine in Fairport, Ohio USA illustrating the interface between salt and shale. Data collected with a SIR 2 and a 400 MHz antenna.

GPR survey to determine mine safety

Ground Penetrating Radar in Mineral Exploration

Mining professionals use ground penetrating radar for mineral exploration in igneous and metamorphic rocks, such as granitic pegmatite, to locate hydrothermal features including cavities and vugs.

A miarolitic cavity in a lithium pegmatite formation located in an aboveground open mine in Hiddenite, NC, USA. Data collected with a SIR 2 and 400 MHz antenna.

Mineral exploration with GPR system

Maximize Salt Yield with GPR

Ground penetrating radar is used in salt mining applications to maximize yield. GSSI GPR allows miners to navigate continuous mining machines by way of imagining the salt/shale interface.

Salt/shale interface of a salt mine located in Ohio, USA. Data collected with a SIR 20 and 400 MHz antenna.

GPR survey used in salt mine


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