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Software Utilities

The RADAN to Bitmap conversion utility allows the users to convert 8 bit and 16 bit RADAN (*.dzt) files into 24 bit Windows color bitmaps.

RADAN to ASCII for Windows (RTOAW) is a utility that allows data to be converted from RADAN .dzt format to Tab Delimited ASCII text, with data stored in either rows or columns, either signed or unsigned values. This application is compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT version 4.0 or higher. It is not compatible with Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups.

Data Transfer Utility for Windows 95 and Windows NT (4.0 & up) The Data Transfer Utility allows the user to transfer data from a SIR System-2000, SIR System-2, SIR System-2P, SIR System-10A+, SIR System-10B, SIR System -10H, or Vermeer Interragator System to a personal computer. Transfers from all other systems are not supported. If using Windows XP, you must set the compatibility mode to Windows 98. For other troubleshooting tips, please read the troubleshooting guide.

RADVIEW is a program that allows you to view examples of Ground Penetrating Radar data collected by our SIR Systems. While you can open and view these files, you will not be able to perform any of the powerful processing functions that are available in the complete RADAN post-processing program. We have included several data files that illustrate the use of GPR in utility detection, concrete inspection, and environmental site assessment. Please note: RADVIEW is not compatible with Windows 7.

HandyScan Data Transfer Utility allows the user to transfer data from HandyScan System to a personal computer.

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