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UtilityScan® Systems

UtilityScan® is the industry standard ground penetrating radar solution for the designation of subsurface utilities. Locate the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects, including service utilities such as gas, communications, sewer lines as well as underground storage tanks and PVC pipes. In addition, UtilityScan has been used for environmental remediation, damage prevention, geological investigation, road inspection, and archaeology and forensics applications for decades.

GSSI provides the most comprehensive options for the utility locating industry. UtilityScan packages include:

UtilityScan Pro
Features Configuration

Premium GPR system for utility, geophysical, environmental and archaeology applications

Overall system flexibility - compatible with analog and digital GSSI antennas

Control Unit: SIR 4000

Antennas: Compatible with nearly all GSSI antennas, both digital and analog

UtilityScan HS
Features Configuration

Operates exclusively with the GSSI digital 350 HS antenna

Patented HyperStacking technology

Better data - High-resolution, RF noise immunity, better depth performance

Control Unit: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

Antenna: 350 HS digital antenna with patented HyperStacking technology

UtilityScan DF
Features Configuration

Operates exclusively with the GSSI digital dual-frequency antenna

Fast data collection, up to 10 km/h (6.25 mph)

High definition, full-color touchscreen screen

32-bit data quality delivers clear, precise images

Control Unit: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

Antenna: Dual-frequency Smart Antenna
300/800 MHz

UtilityScan LT
Features Configuration

Entry level GPR solution based on the industry standard UtilityScan

Purpose-built and easy-to-use

Quickly identify the location and depth of underground utilities in real- time

Designed to operate exclusively with the GSSI 400 MHz antenna

Control Unit: Dedicated radar control unit

Antennas: 400 MHz

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